Thanks guys! It’s good to


Thanks guys! It’s good to know that I’m not trying to be too cheap, but just get a good deal! I’ll keep looking around; there are a few more cameras on Ebay that I’m watching (still a few days away from the end, so anything could happen with them). That AG-DVC30 on B&H for 1800 is starting to look like a better option, though, as it’s new and not much more expensive than half these cameras on Ebay are being sold for!

As far as my situation, I’m 19, and it’s my dad’s credit card, though I’m the one paying the bill in the end. I think it’s more along the lines of that he doesn’t want me to go overboard spending more money than I have (which I’ve already looked at my financial situation many times, and I know I can still pay for college after buying a camera this expensive!). I understand where he comes from: we are not a rich family by any sorts, so we always try to get the best deal possible. I’ve looked at my financial aid situation today again, and I may have actually under estimated how much I will be making this summer. If I work right up until the end of summer, I think I will be making close to 4500-5000 instead of 3500-4000 like I originally thought. That could certainly make it easier to afford a camera!

One last question I have for you guys: I’ve only done film work on my parent’s high-8 camera (lower-end consumer quality) and a friend’s high-8 camera (mid to high range consumer quality) and my parent’s old VHS recorder (um… I won’t even mention how crappy that one is!). None of those have a focus or zoom ring on them. So how often to you guys find yourself (for those of you with VX2000’s and 2100’s) using both at the same time? Like, that’s one of the main features I liked on the Sony cameras, which was why I was looking for a 2000 on ebay. Thinking about some of the scripts I have writen that I want to do, though, I’m not really sure it’s something I need just yet, but I don’t want to have to upgrade cameras in a year just to get that functionality.

Thanks again, you guys are great!

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