Thanks guys. I think I got


Thanks guys. I think I got all the issues worked out. I have had security problems with a couple of my sites and should be square now. Thanks for the feedback too!

all the tabs work fine, the video samples work fine, but there is a white space above and below the video/play controls, respectively.

Is this in Safari? I’ll look into it. Thanks a ton!

Wow, that browsershots site is really cool! I’ve been looking for something like that but haven’t found anything worth while until now. Thanks!

Personally, I despise fixed-width and fixed-height designs.

Normally, I would agree but with relatively little in the way of text content, I think it looks nice and tidy that way. Thanks for the input though!

P.S., you should mention that to whomever handles that WTOP 10 site πŸ˜‰


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