Thanks guys for your input


Thanks guys for your input.

Paul, I would either be using 3 JVCs or 3 Sonys nothing mixed together.

Also I was reading that recording directly to a hard drive would product better results then to a DVD, and I could also transfer to my computers HD without any lost.

The cable run would have to be BNC from the camera to the mixer because of the 125ft needed (farthest camera to mixer). When I was in production before I was always told never to run Y/C more then 20 to 30 feet, please let me know if things have changed.

The Lens would be canon 13 or 14X for either the Sony or JVC

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with what Ive read. (I love to hear the voice of experience)

Once again thanks for your time and have a great holiday!!


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