Thanks, gents.


Thanks, gents.


I had an insane time trying to correct the white balance in the cooking class video.  On site, I experienced my worst-case lighting scenario.  There was high wattage flood lights shining onto the entire kitchen area and it was noon, so there was a massive amount of natural light coming in from the back of the room as well.  The second I walked into the space I knew it was going to be an issue.


Also, the VO in the Gwynn's video was another "fun" work-around in itself.  The lapel mic we were using to record Marshall's audio was defective, so after attempting to clean his tracks up, we decided to re-record his audio and put it back into the video.  That will explain your need to double take during the moments he was on screen.


I like the drone videos so darn much.  It really helps almost as a longer transition between interview footage and b-roll.  We've also done a bunch of realtor videos with the copter drone and those turn out really well and are frankly the easiest videos to edit in post.  


Thanks for the positive criticism!  You guys have been a huge help and I will take your advice with me as I hone my skills and become a more efficient a videographer.  



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