Thanks forthereply! It’sgo


Thanks forthereply!

It’sgoodto hear yourpositivereview of that tripod- it’s nowinthe listofpossibilities. :)I’m not sureif you know,butin doingresearch I’vefounda lot of websitestalking about whatreallyisafluid-head andwhatis not (for example, the Bogen 501 listed on B&H as a fluid head is fluid pan and friction tilt). Do youknowif this isa “true”fluidhead? Sorry for all the questions, but one thing that worries me about Davis Sanford is that they supposedly fall apart fairly easy (screws come loose and it then wobbles). How long have you owned yours and have you noticed anything like this? I generally take very good care of my equipment, but still the more durable, the better.

Letme break upthis post for one momenttorespondto my own question fromearlier.Thismay be obviousto a lotof people,buttookmeagood bitofgooglesearchingtofind myself,soIthought I’dpostthe “answer” forthose that might notknow it likeme.A 2-wayheadmeans that it can panandtilt up and down.A 3-wayheadmeansthatitcan pan,tilt up and down, andalsotiltleftandright.Easy enough…though it wasn’t entirely aparenttome originally.

Otherthan that tripod, indoingresearch I’vealsofoundseveral on B&Hthat might bean option forme. I was hopingto getafewopinions about these frompeoplewhohave experiencedthem (especiallyiftheyare truefluidheadsor not). – This has a counterweight, is one of the tallest leg sets (by only a few inches), and has what I think is the type of legs more people like? – One from abovepost.

I’m excludingthe Bogen kitIfound becauseit was usingthe 501HDVheadwhich isn’t true fluid-head (though amIreallygoingtofind a truefluidheadinthispricerange?) -Ithrewthisin only becauseit wasso cheap, but I’vegota strong hunch thatit’s not a truefluidhead.Ialsohavereadyseveralreviewsofit thataren’t terriblyfavorable,sothis isreally onlyalastresort.

One otherthing I’ve noticed during myresearchis thatsome tripodsdon’thavetheleg spreaders.I’mtalking aboutthe piecethatgoes betweenthelegs, usually seemsto bein the middleofthelegsor atthe very bottom,andhelpsmake surethey opento a certaindistanceand stay there.Ithought this wasa mustfor stability, but someoftheselegsare the more expensive ones (Iknow, more expensedoesn’t alwaysmean quality).So whatwould bethe advantage of no spreader?Are you supposedto use a detachable spreader withtheselegsorsomething?

I hope I’m askingthe right questions.I’m not tryingto ask forthe “supermega awesomeperfect” tripod for super cheap; I’m just tryingto findout what details/specs are available on tripods (and get the most information about different types of tripods) so I can make the best choice for my own needs.

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