Thanks forthereply! I was


Thanks forthereply!

I was lookingatthe Libecearlier (I actuallypostedthesame B&H link above :-P). I was able to get some hands on experience with some Libecs and I’m not sure I entirely like them. There is a Matthews set on B&H using those same legs and a very similar head (but all the reviews say it’s better). If I can get some hands-on with that tripod I might go for it. The thing I’m concerned about is these only go to about 60″. What if you need to do an interview with a 6-foot tall person? How do you get the extra height?

Onan offtopic, whatdo you guysthink ofthis head on ebay?It’s missingthe quick-release plate and panhandle, butIcan probably getthose from OConnor or maybe on Ebay?

(Please don’t bid on itthough :-P)

ThenIcould geta decentsetof legs from B&H andhaveareally nice tripod? Even with all theresearch I’ve done, I still feel likeIdon’tknow enoughtodothat correctly :-P.

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