Thanks for your thoughtful


Thanks for your thoughtful and comprehensive response Composite1. I did pay for the DVX100B outright so it is mine in full – the only thing is I would need to get a tripod, mics (shotgun and lav?) and a light source which could easily run another $2000 minimum. If I returned the DVX100B and got the Canon Vixia I would need to get a: mic w/adapter, remote lav, tripod, lens adapter and light which would again run me a min. of $2300 but save me possibly a few hundred in the end. So just to be clear: since I’ve already bought and paid for the DVX100B you suggest keeping the camera? I’m not locked in and I can return it. I just want to make the best choice for me as a beginning shooter and my budget. I have about $3000 left to spend maximum, $5000 in total.

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