Thanks for your response.


Thanks for your response.

Yes, Premiere Elements 3.0.2 patch has been applied. However, didn’t know that 3.0.2 has limited HDV support. Will certainly consider upgrading to version 7 but understand that to encode directly using PE7 some fairly hefty computer power is necessary. This I think I have so maybe PE7 is the answer. As far as transcoding to .AVI files is concerned, have tried that but PE3 would not recognise them. I believe that AVI is just a container for a number of different file structures, so maybe I do not yet have the appropriate codec/s installed.

Interestingly, I met two other people today who have recently bought HD camcorders. Neither have yet attempted to edit their clips. I wished themthe best ofluck.

Shot 81 new clips today. Will transcode them (to WMV for now using Roxio) tomorrow & drop them into Windows Movie Maker & Roxio Creator 9video editors just to see whether the same problem occurs. If not, andhaving used15 clips in them both to date without problems, then I will have to consider whether the Roxio application will be adequate formy requirementsor whether I need to buyPE7.

A recent article in Personal Computer World would suggest that the general problem of successfully editing some HD file content is somewhat serious – anyway will continue to try.

Thanks again.

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