Thanks for your replies. V


Thanks for your replies. Very insightful.

XTR-91, to answer your questions. 1. My budget is non-existent, it’s low budget, however, I do have an SM58, a SE1a condenser mic, an M-Audio “Audio Buddy” pre-amp, a couple of mic stands and an old 8 track recorder (digital) – Roland VS-840. I hadn’t even considered using a stand-alone recorder as an option for this project (I’m clearly not thinking straight!). Of course it makes much more sense to do it this way and then synchronise it in POST, than to run it through the camera. 2. My role is videographer – but I’m new to the game, I’ve never done a setup like this before but I have recorded live music/bands before so I suppose I’m just putting the two together.

The building is a large hall.

If anyone has any other ideas or advice – it would be gratefully received as always.

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