Thanks for your input ever


Thanks for your input everyone…I’m going to try to answer your questions in order (and accurately!).

The first time I exported (after editing in FCE), I did it using FCE using Quicktime Conversion and my Compression Type was H.264, my ‘dimensions’ were NTSC 720 x 485 16:9 and I did not have the Preserve aspect ration or Deinterlace Source Video boxes checked for the export. Again, this was after I used iSkysoft to convert m2ts to m4v format…I imported the m4v format into FCE.

I am using iDVD to burn the DVD.

iSkysoft didn’t provide the option to convert to m2ts to Apple Intermediate Code…I will go back and look but I don’t remember that being an option. I can export from FCE to Apple Intermediate Code.

I’m going to ask a really stupid question now (if the previous ones I’m asking aren’t enough!) but how do I tell if the original m2ts footage is progressive or interlaced?

I’m trying to learn as much as I can but could use some help/resources…can you recommend good training dvd’s, classes, etc.? I enjoy this a great deal but there is so much to learn and it’s overwhelming for me.

Again…thanks for your help and patience….I appreciate all the feedback!

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