Thanks for your imput! I’v


Thanks for your imput! I’ve done research on other forums, and people have written that the the difference in image quality is negligible between the HPX and the HMC-150. While the HPX can record at very high bitrates, we probably won’t be needing that feature as much…is the higher cost of the camera, media, and codec of the HPX worth buying, or is the lower cost, SDHC card, ACVHD format of the HMC acceptable for our purposes? We aren’t at the stage where we will be needing to edit uncompressed 4:2:2 video yet. Please bear with me, I’m just trying to narrow down my search for the best camera for our needs. As long as it is comparable or better than the Canon XH-A1 in image quality and features, then we’ll be perfectly fine.

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