Thanks for the vote of


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Daniel!


As far as timelapse stuff, how do you recommend I go about that? Motion slider with a remote shutter for the camera? Or are there other ways to go about it? Getting a nice slider would take care of most dolly shots, and getting a motion controller for it would be REALLY useful. 


I planned on picking up a jib in the future, but need some more work to come in before I can afford to purchase one. Is there a length that you recommend I get? I was thinking an 8ft jib to start (there are a few that are quite affordable on amazon). Are there any jibs to stay away from in general? I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I don't want to buy garbage either. 


I've beeng about building a crane as well. Might do that just to practice, and so that I would have something to start with, so I can spend the $250 on a stabilizer instead of a small jib. 


Thanks again for taking the time to help me out!





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