Thanks for the useful advi


Thanks for the useful advice CraftersOfLight – I will be certain to put them all into practice.

Thing is – my own studio is pretty well free of static – its the various hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms that I have to work in to videocast various events, that have these issues and there’s a different locale every time.

Having used the equipment in my studio (almost) static-free, I’m almost certain its hotel wall-outlets grounding that could be the problem (and their carpets of course, which are always synthetic). I’m going to try the fabric softener trick, the tester and the grounding cord tomorrow’s event, which is conveniently in the same location as the last one and I’ll post my results here. Thanks again for the advice…

>>Use insulation when all else fails. You will forget to pack and/or wear the gloves.<< How do you mean insulation? what and where?

Note: as regards a lot of video/audio/computer equipment, they often have 2-pin plugs on their power cords (ie. no grounding) though I do connect them all to a power-strip with 3-pin plugs and industrial extension cords (also 3-pin).

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