Thanks for the topic EarlC


Thanks for the topic EarlC. Timing and appropriateness could not be better.

It seems a “no-brainer” that during a slow period, one would use the “dry spell” to take care of their number one client. I am talking about themselves.

I am just getting into the business (smart enough not to give up my day job just yet, I hope) and I do not think that I am the only one that has attacked their initial setup with a passion. My forte is in nature or, more generic, special interest videos.

I would think that when free time makes itself available, I would look into what I could do to improve my chances to get better. What can I do to pull in more customers. And who would be a better client then myself in that regard. I know what I can do and where my short-comings are. Redoing a demo DVD or web intro keeps the editing skills up. You have the chance to try some new special effect or mix. A chance to experiment. And what about thoseother projects that were put off with, “If I only had the time…”

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