Thanks for the tips. I got


Thanks for the tips. I got the Zoom H4N today, all of your advice makes sense to me for the ceremony. I will keep the wireless lav from the G3 kit on the groom. Then with my other audio channel use that for room tone BG. I set the wireless up with my Sony V1U since there is no record limit and keep it at the back of the church.

With the other two DSLR’s I will set one up with the Rode Videomic pro which will be used for b-roll. Then I guess use the Zoom for any live music. I think that should cover me?

What would you suggest for the speeches and reception part. I have in the passes just used the Rode Video Mic on the DSLR and then use the Handheld mic placed it infront of a speaker had it set up with the Sony V1U.

Now that I have the Zoom not sure what to do with that during speeches reception. Does anyone plug into the DJ board? I rather not rely on a DJ for my audio but what would you guys suggest?

Thanks πŸ™‚

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