Thanks for the suggestions so


Thanks for the suggestions so far.  I'm looking through the material costs (and investigating where I might be able to get materials for free) as well as planning some material tests to see how they look.


Foam core and large foam blocks were my first consideration, but they may be cost prohibitive.  I need 6 – 8 separate dominoes and they will be scaled up to 5'x2.5'x9 3/8" and so the scale is going to be quite large.  Once the shape is build, it can be weighted with just about anything to get good dynamic movement, but I'm trying not to spend $2k on this one prop build.


I've got access to some heavy duty cardboard tubes from a large scale printer and I'm looking at cutting them lengthwise in quarters to make rounded corners and possibly making a full cardboard shape and painting it with something like Plasti-dip (I have no experience with that stuff though, so it will need some tests).  I think the biggest thing is getting some "thinking out of the box" ideas to build off of (pardon the pun).


Forced perspective works for a lot of stuff, but I need some interaction with the props and the character, and I want to be able to get a matched focus depth which would be hard to match using FP.  There will be a series of dominoes that will fall in sequence that the character needs to get in the middle of.  For the pieces before and after the action I am going to use CG, but I want to go with practicle effects for the action that is primary in the shot.

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