Thanks for the responses g


Thanks for the responses guys been away from internet for a while and haven’t been able to respond.

I want to clarify some things about the project.

My essay was written about the history of the show StruttinBucks outdoors. I know the producer of the show personally and interviewed him to get my information. After writing the essay my professor told me that I had to do a “radical revision” of the essay in a different form of art. I have some basic editng skills and decided that creating a short documentary over the history of the show and how it came about then also include the future of the show.

I plan on interviewing the producer tomorrow afternoon. Luckily I will have access to proper lighting and a good backdrop, probly will use a green screen, which will open up new possibilities in post productioin. I also hope to be able to interview some of the hunters that are on the show and get their viewpoints. I have access to 2 years worth of footage from the hunts of struttinbucks themselves so actually gathering footage of hunts is unneccessary.

I really like your ideas XTR-91 and will probly apply them in the documentary thanks alot.

Is there a way to have video look like the viewpoint through a scope in post-editing, then maybe have a bullet flying toward the screen and at the end hit the screen with the struttinbucks logo and cracked glass around it… I think that would make a cool endiing. I have the entire adobe production suite for editing.

Thanks alot for the responses guys, they have been very helpful. Any more advice or ideas are appreciated.

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