Thanks for the response. T


Thanks for the response. True, I do want to do a good job but When it comes to getting the show on T.V. I already have a crew and gear available. I just don’t want to have to hire them through all my "rookie" trial and error’s as I develop my self, and stlye and the show- infront on the lens.
I am looking for the best quality "bang for my buck" while in the develpomental stage. I may have to use this video to get sponsors. Everyone will know up front that this is not the broadcast quality show- But I want them to say it still looks pretty darn good, even if they see it over the web.
In other words; The "prototype" isn’t the end product, you’ll spend the least on it, but try to get the most out of it. Do you still think I need to go as high as $3,000.00( even if I have to spend a little more than 1,500.00).

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