Thanks for the response, E


Thanks for the response, Endeavor… No problem at all asking more questions πŸ˜€

Yes, I’m using keyframes within the “Motion” effect property of the clip using the Position and Scale parameters in one instance.

In the other instance, I’m using Premiere’s title designer with the “Roll” option on and have a picture inserted as a “logo”.

Fairly simple stuff … in theory, anyway.

In both cases, the pictures flicker/flutter…. and not just a little bit…. when viewed in the preview window and after exporting to an AVI.

Although I’ve tried pictures of different resolutions.. perhaps I should try resizing them to a smaller resolution / file size. The pictures are high-quality and have file sizes from 500K to over a meg. Am I answering my own question? πŸ˜› Perhaps these pic files just have more information than Premiere can handle while moving? Just a theory… probably wrong. Will experiment with that anyway.

Yes, I do have After Effects. However, I haven’t gotten into it much so I’m not very familiar with it and what it can do. Hope to have time in the very near future to explore the possibilities with it. But, I’m stilll in the learning stages with Premiere and don’t want to overwhelm myself.

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