Thanks for the reply mm, y


Thanks for the reply mm, yes it does help.

I will be ordering accessories along with the camcorder. Some of the accessories offered with the first camcorder are: Kenko SGW-05 Pro 37mm 0.5x Pro Wide Angle Converter Lens and a Raynox HD-2200 PRO 37mm 2.2x Teleconverter Lens.

The second camcorder’s accessories are: Kenko SGW-05 37mm 0.5x Wide Angle Converter Lens and Kenko SGT-20 37mm 2x Telephoto Converter Lens.

Since they are both 37 mm I suppose I can buy whichever accessory I prefer, so I’ll get those lenses for sure.

I’m most of all concerned with the picture quality. I have a low-end Samsung analog camcorder and while it takes really nice close-ups, whenever it records scenery the picture looks a mess. All trees, shrubs and grass are just a mixture of colours with no definition at all to the scene. So, when I record the outdoors I really want my audience to appreciate the scenery.

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