Thanks for the reply kkmac


Thanks for the reply kkmac,

The project is my own and i am not working for anyone on it.

The project will be ongoing and i expect to be producing between 400 and 800 disks a month, from various different titles.

The reason i didn’t want to pay big money on a decent disk printer is for 2 reasons.

1. i am trying to cut costs for this project to a minimum.

2. the end client will prefer the product to look as amature as possible.

However i can’t use non printed disks.

When i mentioned it needed to be a time consuming method, i meant i need something i can do batch process with, either 20 or 50 prints at a time instead of one by one.

My plan was to buy a 1-11 duplicator and if i could not find a cheeper option maybe a Primera Bravo II AutoPrinter (No drives, for printing only).

Now i have started looking at the Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher and the Microboards Print Factory 2 CD/DVD Autoprinter.

However i don’t like the idea of having to keep either of these two machines constantly connected to my computer.
I would preffer a stand alone duplicator and a printer.

If stcking labels onto discs is out of the question maybe i will have to spend more than i had planned on a decent printer or a one machine publisher.

So which option would you guys go for?

Thanks for your time.


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