Thanks for the reply. I film


Thanks for the reply. I film things as a hobby. Like I said, I’ve only done 6 weddings but I also take my video camera to our Church activities like Christmas and Easter plays, cookouts and other stuff. Done several of those just for fun. I’ve tried researching how much a non pro could make. Not taking any pictures. Just strictly video. $500 sounds expensive to me. I can’t imagine anybody paying as much as $3,000 for a video of their wedding. Like you said, enough to cover DVD blanks and transportation costs but also charge enough that I can profit $15 – $20 too. I’m not able to work now because of health problems so I was thinking about looking into doing this as a part time job while letting people know that I’m nowhere near being a pro. I have 2 DVD Recorders/VCR combos I use to edit stuff.

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