Thanks for the reply Dave


Thanks for the reply Dave.

I never thought about it that way but I don’t think the 8mm format has a CTL track? But it must count something when playing an analog recorded tape? What is wrong with FF to the end of the tape or until the time display quits counting? That last count should be the length of the recorded portion on the tape.

As far as I know, all formats (including digital) use a control track. Most of the players I’ve used in the past will allow you to switch between CTL and burned time code. Even with burned time code, Fast Forwarding to the end of the tape normally works fine but sometimes the shooter will opt to reset the time code to zero at the beginning of each session. In such a case the TOTAL running time of the cassette does not accumulate, but restarts at zero several times throughout the recording. Granted, this is fairly rare but when it occurs it’s virtually impossible to guage the TRT. As a workaround I suppose I could FF the D8 cassette through an older analog Video8 player that reads “only” CTL prior to making a dub. Of course an analog machine cannot actually play a D8 cassette but I believe it would be able to read the CTL.

That is the only way that I know of? But I haven’t done very much of that so I may have missed something?

Well, just that with most players you can press the “counter reset” button at any time during playback to re-zero the CTL counter. It’s less wear & tear for the player versus ejecting and re-inserting if you need to count from 00:00:00 somewhere in the middle of the tape.

I offer multimedia duplicating services and have been in business since 1986. Up until the last year or so, Digital8 jobs were farily rare (versus V8, Hi-8, VHS, etc…) so I would just send those orders out to a 3rd party. Now that I’m receiving more requests for transferring D8-to-DVD or VHS I’ve decided to do them “in houise” in order to maximize profits. When I have to “babysit” a dub becuase I don’t know the TRT of the D8 master, the job becomes more labor intensive and therefore less profitable. That’s the primary reason for my concern.

It’s not a huge problem by any means however any and all comments are welcome.


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