Thanks for the replies! I


Thanks for the replies!

I think that building a Machine capable of Avid Xpress Pro HD or Studio HD is out of my price range right now, so instead i’m going to build a machine specifically for smoothly running Avid Xpress DV, and also some good DVD authoring, burning & disc printing software.

Does anybody have any good tips or suggestions for what hardware should go into my new machine? I have looked at Avid’s own suggestions, but can anybody give me some names or model numbers for anything i’ll need (Motherboards, RAM, System drive, Media drive, Graphics card, Processor, DVD drive/burner), as not being a whizz at PCs means i wanna try and make sure i get the best stuff, without getting ripped off or getting stuff i don’t really need.

Also does anybody have any reccomendations for any of the following needs: DVD Authoring software, DVD Burning software, DVD disc printing?
I want my new machine to be able to these things after the editing has been done, and so can anyone tell me if these things will change what hardware should go into my new system?

Finally, if anybody has any knowledge or experience of editing with Avid Xpress DV, and then transferring to DVD, i’d be very grateful to hear their advice, what problems can arise, how to overcome them, and basically how to do it right! (And hopefully without any hassle!)

I really appreciate the help given, i hope to put it all to use this Sunday when i go to buy my new system! (Looking forward to finally getting my own edit machine πŸ˜€ , while at the same time apprehensive & worried that i’ll spend a ton of money and still not get what i need and run into several problems with it all! πŸ™ If you can help me avoid these problems, that would be great!!!)

Thanks a bunch to all who read & reply!

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