Thanks for the replies, th


Thanks for the replies, thats the second time someone recommended the Canon HV 30!

I have also been looking at the PANASONIC HDC-SD100 this one gets good reviews, it is a solid state recorder though.

I would love to watch your vid, but I dont have the quicktime plug in to watch it! As I remember quicktime automatically turns on the updates even after you turn it off. I had so many problems with it I just wont trust it again. I run my whole life from my computer and wont risk it with some intrusive software from apple!

Luckily a friend of mine has a pretty good camera (a 1500 panasonic with 3 ccds, dvtape i think) and has several types of microphone with the booms etc and also lighting equipment, he is in to making movies, but not for the net. He is going to let me see what I can get from his set up first.

I will have a look at the software you mentioned.


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