Thanks for the replies, gu


Thanks for the replies, guys.

cfulton: Well, to tell the truth I don’t think it’s fully preprocessing it in Streamclip. One huge problem I’m having right now is that I record in 16:9, but the bit isn’t present in the video file so any player I use thinks it’s a 4:3 source unless I tell it different… and I’ve not had the best of luck so far, probably because I’m a neophyte at video editing so am not as familiar with terminology and such as I should probably be. When I process the video in Streamclip I make cuts and set the 16:9 flag, it only takes a few minutes to process when I do that after I save it to an *(edit).mpg file. At that point I take into TMPGEnc and work with it there.

XTR-91: Thanks for the advice, and that information is something I needed. I do dislike having to do re-encodes for no reason into MPEG-2 format, because of the level of encoding that is already in the format. That’s one reason I was so disappointed in Premier when I used it. I’ve got the MPEG-2 plugin for it, but even when I just made cuts it would want to re-encode the ful thing instead of just assemble the cuts. I always make sure to cut on a keyframe too, and I have a couple of tools which can retime the clip if needed but I normally don’t need that. So with Premier I was getting successively lower quality clips unless I did all my work without saving, which ate alot of memory and would eventually crash the program. πŸ™

Thanks for both, and I hope I’m not being too confusing. I’m truly not trying to be obtuse, just getting a grip on things. I’ll probably see about transcoding it to DV-AVI and work with that file for edits, then finalize the work into MPEG-2 and author from there, I just have to get a handle on how large the files are going to be when doing that. πŸ™‚

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