Thanks for the replies, gu


Thanks for the replies, guys.

I’m sure it’s pretty much always that gosh darn ol’ "money" thing.
I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a project where sound was going to be done anyway, and that it would be a case where paying me to do whatever needed to be done was cheaper than the value of the videographer’s time.

I’d have to be fast, and would have to produce something better than the video guy could in the alloted period of time. The thought being that, instead of spending that time working on audio, the video guy could be doing video work on a different project.

But then you have to go through all the explanations and other hassles of dealing with another person and for a small thing it probably wouldn’t be worth it. But if you had enough of a workload, and a good relationship with the other guy, and didn’t particularly enjoy playing with sound anyway, then…..but…that’s a lot of "ifs ands or buts"

I’m located basically in LA – actually more west toward Ventura but this whole part of the world is considered "LA".

Hey, Hank! Stigler, OK? Can’t say I spent much time there, but I grew up in Ponca City, did the OU thing, etc. Moved out here after being on the road playing in Indiana and getting snowed in Greentown for four days. That did it for me. I have since lost any ability I ever had in dealing with cold weather. I’m afraid I have become a California Weather Wuss…. but really, snow is a LOT better when it’s optional.

I noticed that "Robbers Cave" is not far from Stigler. A friend in OKC was telling me not that long ago that it’s a neat place.

At any rate, hopefully I’ll get a few more responses as it’ll be interesting to get a feel for how large (small?) a role sound plays in the "typical" video product.

And, for the record, I would be willing to accept a significantly smaller amount than Mr. Williams!

Thanks again, guys, and continued success ~ ggg

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