Thanks for the replies. Do


Thanks for the replies.

Don.. I spoke to the clients already about the pics earlier and they were fine with handing them over.Being their photog ruined the shots they shouldnt have a problem with it.I was trying to keep the video straight through, but thats not going to happen. The pics and cutaways and will work great. Then , for the spots where she is to the right or left ill just garbage matte her out as Chris said.


LOL. I would have loved to karate chop her. I guess the cross between my Marine training and good ole Moms rule helped me keep my cool.Everytime i watch it i do get more pissed off. But its life. It will improve my skills as an editor. Next time i will have a nice sitdown with the photog before anything starts. This way we are on same page.

If i use a matte to take her out of say the right side of shot, What would be the best effect to use on the outside of matte, Since the Bride and Groom will be centered?

I could pixelate or blur her but it would look like some one from the witness protection program. lol. NAH!

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