Thanks for the replies…


Thanks for the replies…

Don – I considered the GoPros but my concern is minimum focus distance. Most of the guitar shots will be taken from a distance of 12 to 24 inches. Also, Final Cut is Mac – I’m PC. So wondering which is the more fully featured among the consumer/prosumer software (Premier, Sony, Adobe, etc)

Birdcat – Yes, I can (and have, back in the day) play Alvin Lee’s solo. I don’t believe I need to invest $$$ in prosumer cameras. I think many of the new SD/HD consumer cameras would do what I need done (good picture, lightweight, inexpensive.) As a BUSINESSMAN musician, I learned early on about ‘return on investment’. That sure is a nice $4000 Les Paul but if I’m taking home $400 a night from my show I’m going to have to play 100 shows before that thing is making me money. If I invest four-grand on two ‘prosumer’ cameras- weedoggie- it’s gonna take me a LONG time before I see any money.

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