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Thanks for the quick reply ralck and robgrauert great points as wellBefore youbuyacamera, youneedto decide what you wantandwhat youneedin acamera.Do you needtoshoot HD?Do youneedgood low lightcapabilities?Do you need manual controls forthingslike focus, audiolevels,etc? What formatdo you wantto record onto (tape, flash,HDD,etc)?I need for the picture quality to be extremely good. I would also like to have control over audio so I can add an external wireless mike. I have heard miniDV is better to edit because it does not compress. I will be shooting inside in a normal office environment without windows. After you decide that lookfor cameraswithfeatures you need.Also, don’t spend yourentire budget on acamera.You’ll also want lights,an external mic (lavs would probably workiftheseare trainingvideos), a tripod, possibly a dolly, video editing software, etc.The cost above is just for the camera. I have also budgeted for a mike, tripod, and editing software (my company only allows flash format). I can edit on my Mac at home. What are Lavs?

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