Thanks for the quick reply


Thanks for the quick reply! In retrospect i see you’ve had to answer the 24p question manyyyy times already so i apologize haha.

However…on that topic of over-posted questions, i’m afraid i still don’t truly understand the whole MIniDV vs Flash vs HDD debate. Our school’s equipment is all tape/miniDV, and from what i’ve read it’s apparently better for editing and long-term storage. That being said, i’ve read posts which promote flash/HDD because of the overall convenience (lighter, better battery usage etc) … and supposedly the decreased quality level in terms of editing etc is not that noticeable/large of an issue at the end of the day. Plus from my own observation it seems like most companies are trying to move away from tape as the newer/high-end consumer camcorders with better features are mainly flash/HDD. Would it make sense to sacrifice tape/MiniDV for an otherwise newer/better quality camcorder or should i stick with tape-based options? And if so, is Sony’s HDR-HC9 then still my best/newest available option?

Thanks in advance.


p.s. If i were able to raise my budget to say $2000, would there be any lightweight professional cameras you could recommend? …i.e. like Sony’s HVR-A1U but newer (it seems to be from 2001)

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