Thanks for the quick repli


Thanks for the quick replies guys.

I unfortunately have my video-out cables packed in cases which are locked up in a fiberglass roof carrier atop my SUV. I live on top of a mountain in PA and I’m iced up to where I cant get my key in the lock of the carrier. Otherwise I would surely have tried your suggestions of viewing on external monitors. As I await a quick thaw, Im using the on camera LCD. My PD-150 monitor shows footage that looks a hell of a lot better than what Im seeing on the PC. The odd thing about the MPEG-2 renders as well as high quality .wmv is that my 16:9 overlay looks pretty clean, but the video footage looks just ghastly. Perhaps Ill post a link to a brief segment for your examination.

As far as the XL2 goes, Ive found it to be excellent for interviews and shots where you can fix and maintain your focus. The auto focus on that baby from my experience is not nearly as good as that of the 150 for action shots and when zooming. The exercise video will contain a lot of hand-held dynamic shots where Ill be physically moving in, out and around the moving subject. Nothing looks worse than a video with focus issues.

AS well, though not considered a design flaw, the XL2 cannot auto focus while simultaneously zooming. IMHO not the best choice for an exercise video. As well, the 4:3 footage that I need is lower res than the 16:9 on the camera. I am not sure how it will compare to the PD150 at 4:3.

I have only shot a brief beta video for the product thus far. I am worried however that this problem may persist on the actual production shoot. Im really scared!!!! 😉

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