Thanks for the questions. I


 Thanks for the questions. I thought about making people stay subscribed to my site to be able to use my music, but after really thinking about it I thought is was more fair to the subscriber to let them use the music indefinitley even after they have canceled their subscription. I'm a firm believer in USING art and MAKING art and just getting it out there and not worrying so much about the money. My hope is that people will respect this and really enjoy the site and stay subscribed as long as they can.


As far as new music, it really depends on how busy I am on my other job. I compose music for TV shows and that takes a lot of my time. However, I usually post at least 1 new album every month. And this month I will be posting 31 tunes for my October Spooktacular. So I would say, on average, around 10-20 tunes every month.


By the way, if you are a subscriber I also give you a 30% discount on custom scoring and custom tracks.

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