Thanks for the pointer on


Thanks for the pointer on not having my name in their video. I would probably write up a separate contract for all of this – including one for the raw files. Usually I sell the raw footage for a premium, but in this case I can justify going for much less giving them full control of any outcome. Besides, this is 1 week out and it would be income I was not planning on anyhow – other than my normal job I would have been working that night anyway. This is a bit more lucrative and I wont be stressing about editing while on vacation.

I don’t have any hourly rates anymore – I mainly sell packages as they are. I am there to complete the package, and give them what they want. I have found I actually work much less hours on location this way (which is a lot less editing later as well)than when I used to have packages that included an hourly option. I did too many weddings where I had everything the video would be able to handle on 2 DVDs or a Blu-Ray, and still 3 hours to”work” making myself look busy. The bride and groom are also under a lot less pressure worrying about me leaving at an important time in the evening.

I understand the hourly rate of $150 is probably fair, but that would also imply editing of that extra footage as well in my opinion. I may go a little less and see what they have to say!

Thanks much!

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