Thanks for the nods. It wa


Thanks for the nods. It was a three person crew on a two day shoot. First day we shot all the greenscreen stuff which was really fun for the couple and the crew. You’re right, the theme of the film was ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ so we set them up as secret operatives living normal lives away from work. It was interesting because it got really personal during the interviews and there were some poignant moments that went into the special features section.

Tough part was the wedding shoot. My grip went down with the flu and the night before, I whipped up a trailer using footage and photos shot prior to and during the greenscreen shoot. Though I had a significant amount of assets already prepared, I was up until dawn getting it ready to show during the reception. So with no sleep and no grip, I went forth. The families were really cooperative as we told them we were shooting a movie not a video. Once the wedding started though, the Photographer and I were running and gunning. The couple and I worked out their positions during the rehearsal the previous day.

It had been a long time since I’d shot a wedding so it was good experience to do one again. Doing it with a movie feel made it much more interesting for the couple and me for that matter. Having shot events before, weddings are harder as you hold someone’s dream in your hands. Fortunately, I’d worked with Lou on other projects so he knew I’d come up with something. Even so, he said I still managed to surprise him. So despite feeling like I was beat with a rubber hose after the shoot, that was worth all the effort.

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