Thanks for the link. I dow


Thanks for the link. I downloaded it and tried it. It was like all the others. It finds the FAT information but not the file. I spoke to another tech friend of mind, he logged into my system and we came to the agreement that the data went into some black hole.

But I went through all the footage and later he did a guitar solo that he wrote and sung it to her. That footage came out real good.

IMPO I lost the data through arrogance. I was too well pleased with the camera placement and the fact that after I checked the data the first time I had better than expected and I clucked about it. I think in my pride I began to take chances with data I knew were stupid. So I chuck it up to over prideful and to be more aware of that in the future.

I posted a few photos that I and my assistant took at

I will be working on the editing for the next 2 weeks.

But again thanks for the suggestion.

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