Thanks for the input! As


Thanks for the input!

As far as the generator goes…..some of our locations are behind closed gates. The National Fores Service closes gates to prevent automobile access to the high country between early october and late april. Public access is not restricted during these times, just vehicle access. To make a long story short….there is a cabin about that is between 3 and 4 miles behind a gate…and about 2 miles of that is a climb in elevation from about 500 feet to roughly 3500 feet!….oh yeah! Lucky us, everyone in the crew (about 6 people) is up for the hike during the months when the gates are locked, and the Forest Service has given us permission.

At this time I dont have a lighting rig….this is my first "real" project. Most of my artistic/creative experience is in the realm of music and photography. This project is a change for me. Its an experiment as well. I have always wanted to make movies that I would like to watch. Now is my chance….. Anyway, I am rambling.

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