Thanks for the input, XTR-


Thanks for the input, XTR-91. I’m still curious about the audio dropout that I mentioned earlier. The files sound great on my camera but when I pull them out and listen to them in MPEG Streamclip there’s split second drop outs that occur every few seconds.

I’m also having trouble getting my Mac to recognize the camera. Once I plug in it’s fine (I choose the Printer/PC option) and the drive comes up on the desktop. I start having problems when I try to eject the camera. I drag the drive to the “eject” button and it goes away but my camera never says that it’s safe to remove it. Sometimes I’ll wait for up to an hour and then I end up just having to pull it the USB anyway. I don’t like to do that because sometimes it erases my memory card. Man, I am having such a time with this camera!

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