Thanks for the input. I’l


Thanks for the input.

I’ll have to check out mirage. Sounds pretty promising. The tracking function seems like a dream. Will it work under an NLE, like FCP?

Depending on your background, you may be able to key out the area (or most of the area) where the robot would be inserted [chroma, luma, etc], making your job a bit easier.

I was considering to make a portable green screen to cheat out some of the rotoscoping too. Have it behind the actor, then tape a clean slate, and later composite the robot in-between the two layers. Was that what you had in mind?

It sounds like it would add a lot of time in the edit bay if we had camera movement, so we’ll probably just lock all the shots then add pseudo-camera movement in post.

Also, I would like to affirm one last thing: I should record in progressive scan, rather than interlaced, right?

Thanks a lot for your time and information.

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