Thanks for the input guys!


Thanks for the input guys!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading myself, and they say you should have a 44-46mm length between the grounding glass and 35mm lens, so this should be easily doable with the extension tube.

As for the PL filter, that sounds like what I want it to do, so I think I’ll go ahead and order a cheap one. I plan to remove the actual filter (as well as any other glass/filters that I use in the design unless they are necessary). My thought is that I’ll have the lens attached to the tube, attached to the empty PL filter so it can spin, and then to the grounding glass. I’m not sure if I’ll need a macro for my VX2000, but if I do, that will be after the grounding glass (with however much space I need inbetween… I’ll worry about that when I need to buy a macro).

If I do it right, it will all screw together and allow me to easily change the grounding glass if I want a different style or system.

One question I have is, how did you polish a UV filter to make it a grounding glass? This sounds like a great thing to try for a first attempt!

Thanks all!

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