Thanks for the input. And


Thanks for the input. And as far as EarlC’s blog goes I beat you to that a few days ago ;). Very good btw.

I am well aware of the struggles with shooting strictly weddings and I would by no means cripple myself to only shooting that one type of event. The subject of whatever piece I worked on is pretty much irrelevant, but the reactions from the others around me to what I created solely with my creativity- that is where the joy comes from. For example- my most recent was a very simplistic slide show with your basic pans, zooms, fades and just a few VitaScene transitions and video clips for a friend of mine who’s boyfriend is serving in Iraq and just gave me a few pics of him she found throughout facebook and such. Well, for obvious reasons it was a tear jerker for her and those closest to them, and thats my motivation.

I simply stated weddings because that seems to be the “backbone” of beginning videography but my goal is to shoot everything from weddings, sporting events and music videos to the simple still image slideshows of whatever images my customers would like; vacations, class trips, birthdays.

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