Thanks for the info, Rob.


Thanks for the info, Rob. I was considering just using my camera but wasn’t too sure about it for the reasons you mentioned. I’ll probably just go with the mini DV/VHS since I’ll be authoring the DVDs on my PC.

Coreece – I went over to my local Chase branch and they were extremely helpful. All they needed from me was my Articles of Organization (which I obtained after forming my LLC on LegalZoom) and they opened up an account for me. I’m still waiting to hear back from them regarding the loan but in the meantime they hooked me up with a business credit card – the credit limit was more than enough to cover the cost of what I need except for the cost of a second camera. So even if I don’t get the actual loan they still hooked me up with enough to get off the ground. The main thing keeping me from getting the loan is that my company is only a few weeks old and they like to see that you’ve been in business for at least two years but I’m not sweating over it too much.

I did my homework before I even considered going to the bank – I have some friends who are wedding planners/photographers who told me that there is still no shortage of work for a videographer… people are always going to want their weddings put on DVD.

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