Thanks for the info. I h


Thanks for the info.

I have never had hands on experience with RED before, but have been doing a lot of reading and will do everything in my power to learn the beast in a timely manner. I was HOPING this deal would come a bit sooner as I know there is the “boot camp” for red at the end of the month that would have been nice to attend. They even have a camp for kids in the summer to learn these cameras – I think my 9 year old son might enjoy that next year.

I already know what specs my PCs are going to need, including their $5000 video card. My primary NLE is Sony Vegas and I know that the latest version is suppose to support RED files. I do use After Effects sparingly – but will also start learning Adobe software more thoroughly soon. I would like to be proficient in every major NLE out there within a couple years.

Now the entire basement as a business does bring up a lot of concerns. I might have to look into what is required before hand so it could be implemented during construction – possibly at no additional cost.

He did ask me to start making a detailed list of what I need for his lawyer…

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