Thanks for the info. I got


Thanks for the info. I got one from ebay. It is well used. And looks it. But i got a killer deal on it.

I know the most costly repair on these is the head. So i shopped around for that before i bought a used cam.

I will need the head cleaned or replaced probably. It has those bits of bad picture floating around, you were mentioning. I got a quote from a feller, and he said would be $375ish.

Here is his info.

310-968 0555.


16714 Hugh Torance Pkwy,

Huntersville, NC 28078 .

Does anyone know of another good camera repair shop. The sony site says $500 base fee. Thats fine with me, but not sure what other charges might get tacked on. ?

Anyone have experience with direct sony repairs?

Im using the cam for adult film making.

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