Thanks for the info. I am


Thanks for the info. I am having to do exactly what your brother mentioned…. burning small pieces of the movie to AVI and them bringing them back into the project. It really gets crazy when you have a lot of effects and transitions.

Thanks for the input on the video. I have to say that I agree with you on the fade out and in. I was trying to create a seperation of scenes. So when I was going from the bride and groom dancing to the cake scene, I wanted there to be a little seperation. I like the cross fade but think that that can get over used as well. Most of the other transitions are just too hoky for a wedding ceremony in my oppinion.

But, like you said, I’m gonna try some really long cross fades with shots that are panned in different directions and see how that turns out.

I haven’t delivered it to the B and G yet so I might make a few changes.

Thanks again for the input.


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