Thanks for the info compos


Thanks for the info composite1. I just want to respond to one of your comments.

You’ll probably pay as much to outfit an XL2 kit as you would to get an HDV kit these days.

I am only considering cameras with interchangeable lenses, and so that basically means I’m considering cameras like the XL2 and XLH1. Both can use 35mm lenses with adapters, and so even if I purchased a XL2, I wouldn’t be wasting money on the lenses because I could always use these on a future camera. So it’s the difference between a $2500-$2800 SD camera and a $5000 HD camera, which for me is a big difference.

I just want to throw out a couple more options to consider:

1. HD camera like the XHA1 with teleconverters. Anyone have experience or advice?

2. DSLR like the 5d Mk II or 7D. Seems like it could be a good option as it provides interchangeable lenses and full HD video, as well as being two things at one: a temporary inexpensive (at least for the 7D) HD camcorder and a great quality still camera that will be useful even after I buy a more expensive HD camcorder later.

Any thoughts?

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