Thanks for the ideas! Yea


Thanks for the ideas!

Yeah, usually we’ve got guitar and amp set up on mesa boogies, and lately we’ve been mixing into a couple of B-52s. Depending on the venue we usually mix everything through the soundboard (except drums, with the exception of a kick-mic).

The audio is fine on my camera depending on where I am. The last show was outside, and the audio was great until I stood next the B-52s. It started clipping, which I didn’t realize would happen because I wear ear-plugs.

It sounds like maybe the best option is to run a cable from the soundboard to an extra recorder or camera. Maybe I’ll end up with my XL1s/2 sooner than I thought and I can record audio on my current camera.

I’ve heard you need an atenuator to go soundboard to camera… anyone clarify? Would I need the same thing to record to a digital audio deck?

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