Thanks for the help, I’ll


Thanks for the help, I’ll have to check out Excalibur. I heard that it will give you an adjustable autosave option. Before I check into that though, I wanted to know about Vegas’ multicam track option. Do you, or anyone else, know if you can insert media “across tracks”, sync the audio, delete all but one of the audio tracks (leaving multiple video tracks), and then put it all on one set of audio/video tracks? I’m trying to get a sinlge video track (made up of 5 video “takes”) with a single audio track. I thought I could get it to work, but Vegas 8 either locks up or shuts down. I had my 5 A/V tracks sync’d up, then deleted 4 of the 5 audio tracks, then clickedthe toolstab, clicked “create multicam track”, and then it would lock up. I also tried to create a multicam track using just the video tracks… yet again, it froze. Is there something I am doing wrong or doesn’t vegas support a Multicam track the way I’m trying to do it?


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