Thanks for the help. I wan


Thanks for the help. I want to try this as a business now. i have never used or played with Pro equipment. Since I never really had any formal training (had a course many years ago) but it was a cheap video for dummies kind of thing. I want to be sure I can supply the customer with a real quality product in line with today’s technology/capabilities. I do not want to ruin my business with real blunders. Was hoping to get some real basic video theory, lighting, shot angles, etc, and then camera function and proper use. I normally always just shot on auto.

I have been using pinnacle for my editing along with its bugs and troubles. I really have never used any real software like Vegas or the like.

I guess I am good at dummy software but to take on pro stuff I thought I would need training. I have been trying to find as much online as possible but I was hoping for a linear approach starting at the begining and moving forward. Was thinking on some type of refresher style not in depth degree training but training that would fill in the gaps and also teach what I never knew. It is difficult for me to bounce all over when trying to learn something. It is easier to start at go and finish at the end. It is not that I am not flexible but I feel there is too much I never learned to try to piece meal it together.

Does any of this make any sense? I hope I am not that dense that it will be an issue.

The bottom line I love this stuff and I am now getting serious with it.

If your willing I certainly would like to take a drive and meet you and maybe you could show me a thing or two.

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