Thanks for the feedback ev


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

@SargeHero – The surprise ending was part of our goal, a sudden shift of gears and the it becomes an action movie instead of suspense.

@Composite1 – aha! Good eyes you have! I fought long and hard with the decision on that continuity error. I decided to keep it because I really like the way the jump cut flows, even though it’s a blatant error. My logic was that most people wouldn’t even notice it. However, being as that we shoot and edit video for a living, we tend to notice things like that. The more you watch it, the more you see – In the back of the van in the very beginning you can see the shadow of a baseball capped head holding an HMC-150 D’OH!!!

@pseudosafari – The acting was a little bit wooden eh? I’m glad you dig the music. I’m pretty darn proud of the whole thing, mistakes and all. It was a learning experience, and a great one at that. For the youtube situation, you need a “Director’s” account at youtube to upload files longer than 10 minutes or larger than 10 gigs. It isn’t hard to get approved for it, so if you’re interested you should definitely look into it.

thanks again!

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